Articles by Alan

Integrated AI: The rising tide lifting all boats (GPT-3)
Leveraging the latest AI (GPT-3) for intelligence…

The new irrelevance of intelligence
Neural lace, superintelligence, and a new world.

Looking inside the advanced brain
What are the ability and performance indicators of the advanced brain?

98, 99… finding the right classroom for your child
Mental age, acceleration, and more…

Getting a big head
The importance of ego for high-ability…

The future is now: Gifted education beyond 2020
Schools, schools, and more schools…

The power of talking: Crying out for more language
High-ability individuals have something to say… creating something powerful.

A new model of giftedness
Identifying giftedness beyond just IQ…

Basics and recommended reading about schooling.

What do you do?
A primer on coaching for gifted families.

Why cheerleaders don’t criticise
The dangers of criticism and negativity for gifted children.

Fostering intelligence in the womb
The latest on music cognition, genetics and early child development…

Pancakes and honey
Realising personal responsibility for high performance in bright children.

Resilience: In a bouncy ball
The capacity to bounce back in difficult circumstances…

Confidence: More compelling than smarts
I am worthy and deserving. I can achieve my own goals. I feel positive about my life.

Children with superpowers
Advanced brains process significantly more data than those of their peers…

Facing the right direction
Schools are not the problem… or the solution!

Practice, practice, practice: Promoting passionate persistence
Choosing to press on with a project in spite of obstacles…

Bright to Brilliant
The original article from 2014!

Other projects by Alan

Futurology: background and predictions
My insights into the future to 2035…

Gifted, Talented, Genius, Prodigy
The difference between gifted, talented, genius, and prodigy…

Zygote to Adult
Recommended books and apps for high-ability children…

Devices for high-ability children
Tips and apps for nerds…

Movies for high-ability children
A small selection of movies specifically for family coaching clients…

Decoding Genius (for GE General Electric)
We travelled the world to talk to some of the most interesting young geniuses…

Visualising brightness
The IQ chart used in seminars around the world.

Gifted Children’s Summary Report (Mensa 2015)
Responses from the Australian family membership of high IQ society, Mensa.

Articles in the media, other press

ABC Nightlife interview on prodigies
Examples of prodigies, education, giftedness…

Mark J. Silverman interview on coaching
Alan, coaching, kindness, life…

6PR interview on giftedness
Teachers, schools, capacity, and performance…

2GB interview on genius
Born or bred, coaching, testing, Ideasthesia, genius through the lifespan…

ABC interview on bright children
Giftedness, Mensa, IQ, genetics, emotional challenges…

Genius new normal for Zander
IQ150, specialist schools, gifted teacher training…

Is my child really gifted?
Kidspot parenting.

Mensa specialist calls for better ways of recognising intelligent children
ABC News Australia.

How to raise high-IQ kids
Ahead of the 2015 gifted conference.

Smart words by coach
Launch of BEST.

Harnessing intelligence of gifted children
Ahead of the 2013 Mensa Kids conference.

Articles by others

The pursuit of excellence or the search for intimacy? The forced-choice dilemma of gifted youth
A formative article by Professor Gross.

Small poppies: Highly gifted children in the early years
A formative article by Professor Gross.

Brains on Fire: The Multimodality of Gifted Thinkers
A formative article by Drs Brock Eide and Fernette Eide.