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Materials at—articles/papers, visualisations (charts and graphics created by me, usually with a grey footer showing the link citation), quotes, and papers—are available for use at no charge.

You may link, distribute, and reproduce any of these Materials. If you reproduce articles/papers in their entirety, please change nothing; not one comma, not one period. If you quote from them or if you refer to them, please provide proper citation in the format:

Dr Alan D. Thompson, (Month name/Year of creation).
e.g. Dr Alan D. Thompson, (Jan/2024).

You may link to the homepage at:

Visualisations (charts and graphics created by me, usually with a grey footer showing the link citation) do not need additional citation, as it is built in. Note: Removal or alteration of the footer and link attached to the content and materials is strictly prohibited. Such action is a breach of professional etiquette, and can lead to legal consequences.

The most popular viz at the start of 2023 is the model sizes/bubbles viz, and the latest version is available for download in PDF or PNG format at:

Please feel free to share these Materials as you see fit; the Materials at are for all humanity.

You may include clips of my videos in your own videos. Please use fair use-aligned lengths, around 10% means you can use 1 minute from a 10-minute video. Please cite it properly in-video (text overlay of ‘Dr Alan D. Thompson’ or ‘’ and voiceover). Do not try and pass off my work as your own.

No contact
Unless it is an exceptional circumstance like putting a viz on the surface of the Moon, you do not need to directly ask my permission to use these Materials. You can simply go ahead and use them. In particular, organizations or institutions can include viz in training or courseware, and media outlets can pick up quotes from without asking permission.

The website design is copyrighted, including the CSS code and the look and feel of the site, so don’t copy the design of the site itself. Don’t create a site that might be confused with

Larger works that include a copyright notice shall remain copyrighted.

All courses are copyrighted, including paid and free courses.

All opt-in content, including The Memo, is copyrighted. This includes all PDFs found on the site, though you may still quote from these.

My books are copyrighted.

Moral rights
I am retaining the moral rights to my work. Moral rights include the right to attribution and the right to preserve the integrity of the work.

Alan D. Thompson
Phoenix, USA
January, 2023

Photo: NYU Prof David Chalmers presents model sizes at a seminar at New York University. Visualization source: Dr Alan D. Thompson, (Aug/2022)

Photo: Harvard Prof Yesha Y. Sivan presents model sizes at a conference sponsored by Accenture. Visualization source: Dr Alan D. Thompson, (Dec/2022)