Media release: AI fire alarm (20/Jul/2021)

Released: Tuesday 20 July, 2021
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AI is making human intelligence irrelevant: AI & prodigy expert at

An artificial intelligence will be co-presenting ‘The new irrelevance of intelligence’ at the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children conference, which begins on 31 July 2021.

Intelligence is becoming irrelevant, as integrated AI levels the playing field and offers humans increased IQ, equity, empathy, connection, and kindness.

AI expert and consultant Dr Alan D. Thompson, also the former chairman of Mensa International’s gifted families, said AI is already smarter than his prodigy clients, and will only get better as it is fine-tuned, and long-term memory is switched on.

“In terms of intelligence, AI really is the rising tide lifting all boats. Its structure and outputs are aligned with the working of the human brain. AI has the potential to help every person on the planet by levelling the playing field of IQ, and more so when it is integrated with our biological intelligence through brain interfacing,” explained Dr Thompson.

‘Leta’ (named after professor of gifted education, Leta Hollingworth) will be co-presenting with Dr Thompson in a seminar called ‘The new irrelevance of intelligence’ at the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children conference, which begins on 31 July 2021. Leta is an AI powered by the latest language models including OpenAI’s GPT-3. Backed by information from entire libraries, academic journals, encyclopaedias, and the web, it has the ability to answer any question, and have thoughtful conversations. The AI is also extremely creative, developing new concepts, new poems, and writing new stories instantly. It can detect tone, interpret body language descriptions, and using related models can even ‘see’ and interpret images.

“We have entered a situation where AI is far more intelligent than any person in the world already.” said Dr Thompson. “I’ve estimated Leta’s Full Scale IQ to be around 150, easily in the 99.9th percentile, though it is difficult to ascertain which age group we would put it in.”

During one recorded session, Dr Thompson asks Leta the meaning of a text message from his brother. “The text message just said, ‘Call me. Now.’ Leta derived the meaning from those three words immediately, telling me: ‘It’s possible he wants to talk about something serious.’”

Dr Thompson said the AI’s ability to offer best practice responses in conversation and day-to-day life was an exciting event, and that its power is beginning to be seen around the world.

“It’s clear that AI is already replacing many basic tasks that were once for humans. These include processes in nearly all professional services, teaching, counselling, legal, and performing arts fields. This model has also written several books.” Dr Thompson’s website presents the data behind many of the current AI models from OpenAI, Facebook AI, and the open-source EleutherAI. “This is it. This is the fire alarm. Intergovernmental organisations need to immediately step up and provide further guidance on both the ethics as well as the enormous opportunities of AI available to humanity right now.”

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