AI Report Card

Designed in July 2022, the report card provides a standard template for assessing new large language models and multimodal models.

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Download report cards (latest first)

Model Lab Date Grade/ALScore Download
Llama 2 70B Meta AI Jul/2023 B+ (1.2) Llama 2 report card (PDF)
PaLM 2 340B Google May/2023 PX (3.7) PaLM 2 report card (PDF)
Updated to show poor performance on SuperGLUE=86.4%
GPT-4 1T OpenAI Mar/2023 PX (14.9) GPT-4 report card (PDF)
LLaMA-65B Meta AI Feb/2023 B- (1.0) LLaMA-65B report card (PDF)
Galactica 120B Meta AI Nov/2022 B- (0.8) GAL 120B report card (PDF)
AlexaTM 20B Amazon Alexa AI Aug/2022 C (0.5) Amazon AlexaTM 20B report card (PDF)
PaLM 540B Google Jul/2022 A (2.2) Google PaLM report card (PDF)
InstructGPT OpenAI Jul/2022 B- (-) OpenAI InstructGPT report card (PDF)


Report Card Template (PDF)

The report card template is open source, and available for download here.

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