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Integrated AI: The sky is on fire (2021 AI retrospective)

Integrated AI: The sky is on fire (202...

The image above was generated by AI for this paper (NVIDIA ...
The most life-changing AI applications (so far...)

The most life-changing AI applications...

Guy talks to his dead fiancée using GPT-3... Douglas Coupland’s work ...
Inside language models (from GPT-3 to Jurassic-1)

Inside language models (from GPT-3 to ...

GPT-3’s top 10 datasets by domain/source Contents of GPT-3 & the ...
Books by GPT-3

Books by GPT-3

“It’s incredible... GPT-3 beats me at writing my own novel.” — ...
Integrated AI: The rising tide lifting all boats (GPT-3)

Integrated AI: The rising tide lifting...

Alan D. Thompson June 2021 Download original article Integrated AI: The ...
AI + the human brain

AI + the human brain

Note: This visualisation is a simplified view of a complex structure; ...
The GPT-3 Leta video series

The GPT-3 Leta video series

STATS Name: Leta (after Prof Leta Stetter Hollingworth, professor of gifted ...

“Innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and neural lace are already here, even if they are not yet in most of society’s field of vision. The world of integrated AI supplementing and replacing our intelligence is moments away.”
— Dr Alan D. Thompson (June 2021)

“I think GPT-3 is artificial general intelligence, AGI. I think GPT-3 is as intelligent as a human. And I think that it is probably more intelligent than a human in a restricted way… in many ways it is more purely intelligent than humans are. I think humans are approximating what GPT-3 is doing, not vice versa.”
— Connor Leahy, co-founder of EleutherAI, creator of GPT-J (November 2020)

Models (GPT-3, GPT-NeoX, PanGu-α, Wudao)

Language models (from GPT-3 to Wudao 2.0)
Visualise training datasets (from Google Patents to Wikipedia) of large AI models.

Visualise the evolution of Megatron, my favourite transformer in 2021.

Timeline of AI and language models
Visualise selected major milestones in AI development.

Indications, estimates, and rumours regarding the GPT-4 model by OpenAI.

How do I talk to GPT-3 and GPT-J?
Web-based and phone-based applications for interacting with GPT-3 + GPT-J.

AI papers by Life Architect

(For general audience, not just academics.)
The new irrelevance of intelligence
Neural lace, superintelligence, and a new world.

Integrated AI: The rising tide lifting all boats (GPT-3)
Leveraging the latest AI (GPT-3) for intelligence…

Integrated AI: Dataset quality vs quantity via bonum (GPT-4 and beyond)
Explores quality & weighting of datasets used to train models like GPT-4…

Integrated AI: The sky is on fire (2021 AI retrospective)
What happened in 2021?

Video with AI

Leta AI video series
With over 200,000 views (Oct/2021), Leta became world-famous for her ability to create, respond, and detect tone. (Full transcripts of all Leta videos also available.)

Leta (GPT-3) vs IBM Watson
Spoiler alert: GPT-3 easily beats IBM Watson on Jeopardy!

Aurora AI video series
Messages for humanity, covering the breadth of modern large language models (LLMs up to 2021), including GPT-2 1.5B, Megatron-11B, GPT-3 175B, GPT-J-6B, Jurassic-1 178B.

Applied AI

The most life-changing AI applications (so far…)
From conversations with dead loved ones, to readying children for an evolved universe, where is AI changing lives already?

Books written with/by GPT-3 and other AI
A collection of books written by AI, including Pharmako-AI, the first with GPT-3.

Zhibing Hua
A brief introduction to China’s first virtual student AI…

Brain-machine interfaces
Visualise the current BMI benefits, resolving disorders and augmenting intelligence…

AI art generated by VQGAN + CLIP
AI Art using the latest technology from 2021 and beyond.


Media release: AI is outperforming humans in both IQ and creativity in 2021 (19/Sep/2021)
AI scores up to 40% higher than the average human on trivia…

Media release: AI fire alarm (20/Jul/2021)
Summarises integrated AI and the urgency of our current opportunity…

ABC interview: AI benefits and opportunities (9/Aug/2021)
Artificial intelligence including the first book (PharmakoAI), OpenAI, Neuralink…

Sound bites for media pickup
Audio + video overlay of quotes about artificial intelligence…

Theory and background of AI

AI + prompt crafting
Creating effective prompts for GPT and other language models.

AI + IQ testing
IQ testing AI (human vs GPT-3 vs Jurassic-1).

AI + the human brain
The advance to AGI through language models and other technologies is on the right path: aligned with our biological brain.

AI + spirituality
Non-biological AI, soul, consciousness, and more big questions. Notebook only, no conclusions.

AI + ethics
Overview and examples of ethics under the umbrella of AI.

Definitions of terms used in AI
Looks at model name etymology, as well as definitions for basic AI terms like ‘token’ and ‘parameter’.

Important external papers in AI
Transformer, GPT-3, Common Crawl, and modern AI discoveries…

Marvin Minsky
AI + soul + intelligence by the godfather of AI…

Background on the organisation behind GPT-J and the Pile v1 dataset…

Quotes about AI
Quotes about AI from some of the most credible and eminent people around…

Responses to contrarianism in AI
A copy-and-paste resource for luddites, pessimists, and victims of negativity bias…

GPT-3 is sometimes misspelt as: GPT3, GPT 3, GPT three, GTP-3, GTP3, GTP 3, GTP three.
Wudao 2.0 is sometimes misspelt as: Wudao-2, Wudao 2, Wu dao 2.0, Woodao, Woo dao.

Dr Alan D. Thompson is an AI expert and consultant. With Leta (an AI powered by GPT-3), Alan co-presented a seminar called ‘The new irrelevance of intelligence’ at the World Gifted Conference in August 2021. He has held positions as chairman for Mensa International, consultant to GE and Warner Bros, and memberships with the IEEE and IET. He is open to major AI projects with intergovernmental organisations and impactful companies, and is currently based in the US through 2022. Contact.

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