This page is to fill in details about, its abilities (or lack of abilities), its datasets, and other info.


Estimate 20 million users.

Available on Android, iOS, web, and Meta/Oculus Quest.

Smarts has gone through a lot of silent iterations, including changing the underlying platform from GPT-3 to a finetuned GPT-2.

As of Feb/2022, Replika uses GPT2-XL (1.5 billion parameters), which is <1% of the size of GPT-3.

I have previously asserted that chatbot models should have a MINIMUM of 100B parameters (Google LaMDA, Leta/Emerson/GPT-3) to have effective and informed conversations.

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GPT-2 was originally trained on popular websites (outbound links from Reddit), see more on model datasets.

Replika is also trained on “dialogue from Twitter”.

Source. Backup.

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This page last updated: 13/May/2022.