How do I talk to GPT?

Note: This page is about typing text to GPT. If you are looking for how you can use your voice to speak to GPT-3 and hear its responses, please see my article on using the macOS CLI + dictation + TTS (say).

Note: Most large language models are not chatbots, but they can be set up to emulate conversations as one of their many, many capabilities.

Update 30/Nov/2022: It is now possible to talk with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a version of GPT-3.5 fine-tuned on dialogue. Chat for free using OpenAI’s playground: The model is hamstrung and limited for safety, using several rules and policies much like DeepMind Sparrow. Watch the demonstration of ChatGPT livestreamed by Alan on 30/Nov/2022.

Want to talk to BlenderBot 3.0?

Launched 6/Aug/2022. US only.

BlenderBot 3.0 chatbot demo.
This chatbot model was launched by Meta AI in Aug/2022, and is the same size as GPT-3, but is a specialized chatbot with full conversational memory and internet access, based on Meta AI’s OPT-175B.
Web: (US only)

Want to talk to GPT-3?

Launched May 2020. Requires SMS authentication.

Emerson. Via Telegram or iOS or Android…
Emerson (by is a fully conversational and Multilingual AI Assistant powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, a 175 billion parameter state-of-the-art language model.
iOS: App store download
Android: Play store download

For a discount code on the GPT-3 powered Emerson AI by (in Telegram), join The Memo and receive a code in your first email!

Playground. Via web, using the original GPT-3 model playground hosted by OpenAI…
Set your playground up via prompt crafting for talking with Leta AI

Copyhat. Via web or iPhone or Android…
Copyhat uses GPT-3 175B (Davinci) in their ‘Ask Philosopher’ module.

Want to talk to GPT-NeoX-20B?

Launched Feb 2022.

Playground. Via web, using a GPT-NeoX-20B model playground hosted by…

Playground. Via web, using a GPT-NeoX-20B model playground hosted by Forefront…

EleutherAI. Via web, using the original GPT-NeoX-20B model demo playground hosted by EleutherAI…

Want to talk to GPT-J?

Launched June 2021.

Forefront. Via web, using a faster playground for the GPT-J-6B model hosted by Forefront…

EleutherAI. Via web, using the original GPT-J-6B model demo playground hosted by EleutherAI…

Want to talk to Jurassic-1, the largest and most sophisticated language model ever released for general use by developers?

Launched August 2021. Requires SMS authentication.

Studio. Via web, using the original Jurassic-1 model studio hosted by AI21 in Israel…

Want to talk to something simple, without downloading anything or signing up?

Launched April 2020.

Inferkit. Via web, write with Megatron-11B (based on RoBERTa) by FB AI, hosted by InferKit. Press TAB to have the model continue your sentence…

Want to build it yourself?

Web: Check out James Weaver’s Talk w/GPT-3 repo on GitHub.

Want even more options?

Summary of current models: View the full data (Google sheets)
Download PDF version
Visit for a full list of public playgrounds and platforms.

Due to licensing (and its size), you cannot download GPT-3, only access through an API with an approvals process. There are options for downloading and running GPT-J with low VRAM (suggest 16GB RAM + 8GB GPU).

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