Books by GPT-3

“It’s incredible… GPT-3 beats me at writing my own novel.”
— Eric Silberstein (August 2021)

These are the very first few books co-written by GPT-3. It is expected that this list will become unmanageable very soon, as more books are co-written by very large language models. Books ordered by date published, ascending.

Pharmako-AI by Kenric Allado-McDowell (Google AI)
Direct link. Amazon link. Interview link.
Published August 2020

The first book to be co-created with the emergent AI, Pharmako-AI is a hallucinatory journey into selfhood, ecology and intelligence via cyberpunk, ancestry and biosemiotics. Through a writing process akin to musical improvisation… a fractal poetics of AI and a glimpse into the future of literature. Read an excerpt.

Bob The Robot: Exploring the Universe – A Cozy Bedtime Story Produced by Artificial Intelligence by Olle Green
Amazon link
Published August 2020

A children’s book. A book about friendship, courage and solidarity where Bob the Robot helps a young boy to find his father. The two needs to travel to each planet to see if they can find the father.

Autonomous Haiku Machine by Anthony David Adams
Amazon link
Published January 2021

A book of haiku… It is a book that is simple in form, but rich in meaning, and it is more than just a collection of words. The entire book, cover art, and product description were generated by artificial intelligence.

Eccentric Dictionaries: An Experiment in AI-Enhanced Human Creativity by Frederick Zimmerman
Amazon link
Published January 2021

I experimented with GPT-3’s davinci and instruct-davinci engines… that reliably creates random dictionary entries in the style of Bierce. I wrote a script that ran the prompt repeatedly overnight and created a big text file of results.

Moon Wars by Paul Bellow
Amazon link
Published February 2021

RPG book written with GPT-3 and edited by three humans. Can an RTS Player Save the Universe? A LitRPG adventure from Level Up. It is 1999, in the last few months before Y2K. Alex, a sophomore in college at Ohio University, is failing his classes due to spending too much time playing RTS video games…

IMAGINOIDS: Dream Journal of an A.I. by Ether Busker
Amazon link
Published April 2021

When your computer goes in sleep mode… What is it dreaming about? IMAGINOIDS is the dream journal of an Artificial Intelligence. Discover 8 short stories, a recollection of strange and insightful dreams, coming straight from the creative imagination of an A.I.

Aum Golly by Jukka Aalho
Direct link. Amazon link.
Published April 2021

What is it like to be human? What is creativity? Will AI soon write better poems than us humans? Aum Golly is the most talked about book of poetry of 2021 in Finland. Available in Finnish in print, audiobook and e-book formats. Now available as an eBook in English!

The AI-Made Comic Book #TAIMCB 1 by Adam Niman
Amazon link
Published August 2021

THIS comic book is the first one to be entirely written and drawn by two artificial intelligences: one wrote the script and the second illustrated it. Discover what publicly available artificial intelligences are now capable of and imagine…

Amazing AI Poetry by Jonathan Copeland
Amazon link
Published September 2021

Did a computer just write poetry as great as Shakespeare? See for yourself! This is a collection of amazing, high quality Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated poems – arranged in order of increasing quality. I developed a method to work with AI to generate poetry based on what I want it to generate…

Sybil’s World: An AI Reimagines Herself and Her World Using GPT-3 by Marc Strassman
Amazon link
Published November 2021

SYBIL is not your average chatbot. She was created using an advanced conversational AI called GPT3 that has groundbreaking, cutting-edge technology that allows her to mimic human emotions like never before.

GPT-3 Techgnosis; A Chaos Magick Butoh Grimoire by Alley Wurds
Amazon link. Vice article.
Published November 2021

This book is a grimoire channeled via the use of GPT-3. It contains a partially AI generated chaos magick system, a series of rituals for attain a particular kind of enlightenment (which GPT-3 then performed upon itself), a ritual for inducing and transmitting invertebrate consciousness…

The Girl With All the Text by Paul Bellow
Direct link. Amazon link.
Published March 2022

Ana is a struggling creative who has been unable to get her work published. She meets a hacker who gets her access to GPT-X, the world’s largest neural net language model. With over 2.4 quadrillion parameters, the AI is capable of generating text that is indistinguishable from human-written prose.

Note that there are some challenges with writing books using GPT-3 due to the output token limits. 2,048 tokens is about…

  • 1,430 words (token is 0.7 words).
  • 82 sentences (sentence is 17.5 words).
  • 9 paragraphs (paragraph is 150 words).
  • 2.8 pages of text (page is 500 words).

There are clever ways to increase this output by feeding in the last/most important output to a new prompt.

Try writing a book yourself using Holo AI, powered by EleutherAI’s GPT-J-6B model.

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