People like me

Based on true stories of real people.

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Praise for People like me
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About the book…

By Alan D. Thompson.
Illustrations by Judith Willings.

For gifted children aged 0yo – 7yo.

30 pages, full colour. 8.5″ (21.59cm) square.

There are people like me in the world.
They have invisible superpowers.
They have unique strengths and talents.
They can do things just like I can
but not exactly like I can!

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Praise for People like me

“Shining, uplifting, and mind expanding, each child’s story captures what it means to be gifted. In the United States many schools don’t identify or serve gifted children until 2nd grade! Alan’s pages and Judith’s delightful illustrations show how giftedness presents itself at very early ages in unique ways. What a lovely book for teachers, parents, and gifted kids.”

— Dr Dorothy Sisk. Founding member of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children. Author of eleven books on giftedness.

“Fantastic for children of all ages to read. Even older children will still be able to access and appreciate the powerful messages in this book. Marvelous. The text and illustrations are delightful and very engaging. I think the book will be greatly appreciated by parents as well as by young children who want – and need – to know that there are others, ‘like me’ around.”

— Michele Juratowitch. Counsellor. Director of Clearing Skies.

“My [4yo] daughter’s eyes lit up this week as she read through People Like Me, and proudly shared that she loved maths and science just like the children in your book. It resonated with her, that the children still had to work hard and that aspects of their learning journey were still challenging (like learning to type or trial different building structures). Your book has provided a stimulus for us to discuss resilience and learning from challenges. Thank you!”

— Emma Whitby, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Qld, Australia

Listen to the radio interview

LISTEN to the radio interview about giftedness mentioning this book: /wp-content/uploads/2017/04/20170419-6PR-Alan-Seminar.mp3

Why I wrote this book…

Historically, the world’s population that are the most able—those that have the most capacity, are given the most in terms of abilities—are also the most unsupported. Children especially can be blindsided by the harshness of community, social, emotional, and educational environments that only cater to the average.

Happily, many of these children grow up with a realisation and deep understanding of their strengths. People like Elon Musk, Byron Katie, Ruslan Kogan, Iyanla Vanzant, Jonathan Ive, or any of the other millions of flourishing humans on Earth. More importantly, they’ve found others “like them”: children whose brains are advanced in the same way.

I wrote this book for the niche that exists in the age range from zero to seven years old. A range that I felt was missing from my own provisions, and a range where parents most need support and assistance in “being with” their gifted child.

I loved writing this book so much. In many ways it was a lot easier to write than a regular adults book (not least because of the word count!). Judith’s gorgeous illustrations bring these real life stories even further into the frame. These children are absolutely extraordinary.

I know that this book will become a solid and unique addition to their library.

And I hope that they get as much satisfaction from reading it as I did from writing it.

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Available in paperback only (there is no eBook version of this book).
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