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UniLM (2023 predictive text model)

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OpenELM (2024 On-Device model)

Source: Apple State of the Union Jun/2024

They may be four years behind GPT-3, but Apple has finally offered integrated AI—including a clunky integration of ChatGPT that asks permission before proceeding—to its users on iOS and Mac. Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) revealed ‘Apple Intelligence’ or extended AI functionality to most users of its 2.2 billion active Apple devices.

The on-device model is 3B parameters using GQA and LoRA (Apple, 10/Jun/2024). It is most likely a model called OpenELM 3.04B trained on 1.5T tokens, documented by Apple in Apr/2024. MMLU=26.76.

Read the OpenELM paper:

View the OpenELM repo:

See it on the models table:

Apple revealed some very limited rankings (and only bfloat16 precision evaluations) for both models:

Both the on-device and server models use grouped-query-attention. We use shared input and output vocab embedding tables to reduce memory requirements and inference cost…

For on-device inference, we use low-bit palletization, a critical optimization technique that achieves the necessary memory, power, and performance requirements. To maintain model quality, we developed a new framework using LoRA adapters that incorporates a mixed 2-bit and 4-bit configuration strategy — averaging 3.5 bits-per-weight — to achieve the same accuracy as the uncompressed models.

…the ~3 billion parameter on-device model, the parameters for a rank 16 adapter typically require 10s of megabytes. The adapter models can be dynamically loaded, temporarily cached in memory, and swapped — giving our foundation model the ability to specialize itself on the fly for the task at hand while efficiently managing memory and guaranteeing the operating system’s responsiveness.

Source: Apple State of the Union Jun/2024

The OpenELM dataset is:

Source Subset Tokens
RefinedWeb 665B
RedPajama Github 59B
Books 26B
ArXiv 28B
Wikipedia 24B
StackExchange 20B
C4 175B
The Pile 207B
Dolma The Stack 411B
Reddit 89B
PeS2o [~40M academic papers] 70B
Project Gutenberg 6B
Wikipedia + Wikibooks 4.3B

Source: OpenELM paper, p2, Table 2 Dataset used for pre-training OpenELM.

  • RefinedWeb: 665B
  • Dolma: 580.3B (411B + 89B + 70B + 6B + 4.3B)
  • RedPajama: 332B (59B + 26B + 28B + 24B + 20B + 175B)
  • The Pile: 207B
  • Total: 1784.3B

Read more about the contents of these datasets in my 2022 What’s in my AI? paper.

As an interesting sidenote:

  • A Google query for “OpenELM” within 24h of Apple WWDC returned just 156 results.
  • A Google query for “GPT-4o” within 24h of OpenAI Spring Update event returned 83,400,000 results.

Server-based model (2024)

The server-based model is possibly a version of Apple’s Ferret (Oct/2023) and Ferret-UI (Apr/2024), both based on Vicuna 13B, a Llama-2 derivative with a ‘commercial-friendly’ license covering less than 700M users only. Any legal agreements between Apple and Meta would be behind closed doors, but it certainly makes me wonder…

Read the Ferret paper:

Read the Ferret-UI paper:

View the Ferret repo:

The server-based model could also be Apple GPT 200B, using their Ajax framework.

[Apple] has built its own framework to create large language models — the AI-based systems at the heart of new offerings like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard — according to people with knowledge of the efforts. With that foundation, known as “Ajax,” Apple also has created a chatbot service that some engineers call “Apple GPT.”

Ajax was first created last year (2022) to unify machine learning development at Apple, according to the people familiar with the effort.

Read more via Bloomberg (19/Jul/2023):

Comparisons with other LLMs

2024 optimal LLM highlights

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Models table

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