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Alan D. Thompson
July 2023

Details about Amazon Titan are scarce.

Here’s what we know about Amazon Titan (not very much):

Model names:

  • Text generation: amazon.titan-tg1-large
  • Embeddings: amazon.titan-e1t-medium


Organization Amazon
Model name Titan
Internal/project name amazon.titan-tg1-large
Model type Dense
Parameter count Undisclosed
Dataset size (tokens) Undisclosed
Training data end date Undisclosed
Convergence date Estimate Feb/2023
Release date (public) 13/Apr/2023 (large clients only)
Annotated paper
Playground Convoluted application process:

Titan updates


Amazon can see $1 billion training runs on the horizon:
…Technical talk from a longtime AWS person sheds light on frontier AI training…
James Hamilton, a distinguished engineer at Amazon, said at a talk this year that within the last year Amazon carried out a $65m training run. Specifically, they trained a 200B dense model on 4T tokens of data across 13,760 NVIDIA A100 chips (using 1,720 P4d nodes). It took 48 days to train. Hamilton described this training run as “1 gen old” so we can assume Amazon has moved on to larger runs since then. Looking ahead, Hamilton said “training runs soon to cross $1b”.  (18/Mar/2024, via Jack Clark)

29/Aug/2023: Amazon Titan news on Amazon Science.

24/Jul/2023: Amazon Titan reference (‘amazon.titan-tg1-large’) spotted in the wild on GitHub.

22/Jun/2023: AWS Launches New $100M Generative AI Innovation Center (link).

13/Apr/2023: Amazon announces ‘Bedrock’ AI platform to take on OpenAI (BI).

2/Aug/2022: Amazon AlexaTM 20B models (arXiv paper).

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