Fudan University MOSS 16B

  • Announced Feb/2023.
  • Open-sourced Apr/2023.
  • MOSS is English-first, limited Chinese. Fudan said it: ‘trained on 300 billion English words and only 30 billion Chinese words.’
  • Less params than ChatGPT (Fudan: ‘tens of billions of parameters’ and ‘parameters of MOSS are an order of magnitude smaller than that of ChatGPT,’ MOSS=16B vs ChatGPT=175B).
  • Chinchilla-aligned. 1 token≈0.7 words. 1 word≈1.3 tokens. 330B words * 1.3 = 430B tokens trained to 16B parameters would be around 27:1 (compared to GPT-3’s 1.7:1 and Chinchilla’s 20:1).
  • Dataset may be unlike Chinese models such as Wudao and PanGu Alpha, more like Tsinghua’s GLM-130B which prioritised English data from The Pile.
  • Aligned with Anthropic’s HHH values: helpful, harmless, and honest.
  • Named after the character of MOSS from The Wandering Earth series, 流浪地球 liúlàng dìqiú (wiki, IMDB). The character of MOSS is similar to AUTO from WALL-E or HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Major bandwidth issues at launch ‘MOSS instantly went viral on Chinese social media, generating tens of millions of hits on China’s Twitter-like Weibo’ – via Reuters (21/Feb/2023).
  • Public interface will be: https://moss.fastnlp.top/
  • More info: https://txsun1997.github.io/blogs/moss.html

Compare the MOSS chatbot with:

  1. OpenAI ChatGPT (Nov/2022).
  2. DeepMind Sparrow (Sep/2022).
  3. Anthropic Claude (Dec/2022).
  4. Bing Chat (Sydney) (Feb/2023).
  5. Google Bard (Feb/2023).


MOSS examples


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