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Technical highlights

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Executive briefings: Regular briefings on the latest AI developments, ensuring that your board and leadership teams remain informed and prepared.

AI strategy: Crafting AI strategies that are custom-made for your individual organization goals and challenges, ensuring a clear and logical path to your strategic outcomes.

Technology explanation: Navigate through the complex terrain of AI technology, demystifying it in a way that’s both comprehensive and easy to grasp, completely tailored to your organizational context.

Workflow design: Create and optimise internal and external workflows, integrating the latest AI tools and solutions to ensure a smooth transition and efficient operation.

With a hands-on approach, Alan prioritizes practical solutions for your organization while navigating the AI landscape.


Available internationally. Alan has experience working through the USA, UK, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Recent AI engagements include multinational Fortune 500 organizations with engagements delivered in London and New York timezones, private seminars at universities, and advisory to governments in Europe.

2024 consulting fees

Fixed fee quotes are preferred when possible, otherwise Life Architect Consulting provides services on an hourly rate. All fees paid in advance. Fees are in USD. For 1/Jul/2024 – 31/Dec/2024 the rates are as follows:

Expert call/Q&A on AI (45mins) US$4,500
Consulting and advisory on AI (project rate) Starting at US$100,000 for fixed term engagement
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