As of 24/Nov/2022, GPT-4 has not yet been announced. This page will be updated as news comes...

GPT-4 report card

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Zoomed preview

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GPT-4 size and stats

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GPT-4 dataset

See: What’s in my AI for coverage of datasets from the latest models like DeepMind Chinchilla (the MassiveText dataset, also used in Gopher), and GPT-3.

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GPT-4 capabilities

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A visualization of the capabilities of PaLM 8B to PaLM 540B, by Google AI (4/Apr/2022):

GPT-4 datacenter location

GPT-4 rumors

GPT-3 talks about GPT-4…

“From talking to OpenAI, GPT-4 will be about 100 trillion parameters…”
— Cerebras in Wired (24/Aug/2021)

At 100T parameters, GPT-4 would be over 500 times larger than GPT-3. That means GPT-4 would have roughly the same number of parameters (connections) as there are synapses (connections between neurons) in the human brain. (It is estimated that the human brain has 125T synapses connecting 86B neurons.)

A more realistic prediction of GPT-4 size is explored in this video (Jul/2022):

Update 21/Aug/2022:
Robert Scoble (‘A friend has access to GPT-4 and can’t talk about it due to NDAs. Was about to tell me everything about it and then remembered who he was talking to. His emotion alone told me it is next level.’)

Update 12/Nov/2022:

Via a reddit thread Nov/2022.

Update 17/Nov/2022:

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