Quotes about artificial intelligence

“…like liquid imagination flowing around the room”
— David Holz, founder of MidJourney (August 2022)

“GPT is like alchemy!”
— Ilya Sutskever, chief scientist of OpenAI (October 2019)

“I think GPT-3 is artificial general intelligence, AGI. I think GPT-3 is as intelligent as a human. And I think that it is probably more intelligent than a human in a restricted way… in many ways it is more purely intelligent than humans are. I think humans are approximating what GPT-3 is doing, not vice versa.”
— Connor Leahy, co-founder of EleutherAI, creator of GPT-J (November 2020)

“Artificial intelligence and large-scale models should be open to the public, and only when the threshold is so low that everyone can use them conveniently, can there be a real large-scale outbreak of creativity.”
– Wu Tian, Vice President of Baidu (April 2022)

“It’s taken me a while to get my mental and emotional arms around the dramatic implications of what I see for the future [in AI]. So, when people have never heard of ideas along these lines, and hear about it for the first time and have some superficial reaction, I really see myself some decades ago. I realise it’s a long path to actually get comfortable with where the future is headed.”
— Dr Ray Kurzweil, Transcendent Man documentary (2009, watch)

“…there are lots of books I’d like to read and websites I’d like to go to, and I find my bandwidth limiting. So instead of having a mere hundred trillion connections, we’ll have a hundred trillion times a million. We’ll be able to enhance our cognitive pattern recognition capabilities greatly, think faster, and download knowledge.”
— Dr Ray Kurzweil (January 2020)

“One thing that we should keep in mind is that innate biological intelligence is fixed. We have 10^(26) calculations per second in the whole human race and there are ten billion human minds. 50 years from now, the biological intelligence of humanity will still be at that same order of magnitude. On the other hand, machine intelligence is growing exponentially, and today it’s a million times less than that biological figure. So although it still seems that human intelligence is dominating, which it is, the crossover point is around 2030 and non-biological intelligence will continue its exponential rise.”
— Dr Ray Kurzweil (January 2020)

“[AI is] the most profound technology that humanity will ever develop and work on. [It is even more profound than] fire or electricity or the internet.”
— Sundar Pichai, Google CEO (July 2021)

“[AI] is the beginning of a new epoch of human civilization… a watershed moment.”
— Eric Schmidt, Former CEO and Chairman of Google (September 2021)

“The biggest implications of the singularity are that we don’t know the implications of the singularity”
— Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway and iBOT, Transcendent Man documentary (2009, IMDb)

“This artificial intelligence we are creating is not coming from Mars to invade us; we are the human-machine in civilisation. It [AI] is really part of who we are.”
— Dr Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near documentary (2010)

“It may look like we are investing [$100 billion through SoftBank] on a whim without any consistency, but one common theme is artificial intelligence… I have shifted entirely so that I am devoting 97% of my time and brain on AI.”
— Masayoshi Son, SoftBank (2018)

This prediction by Philip K. Dick is from 1979:
It was hell living in the twenty-first century. Information transfer had reached the velocity of light. Bibleman’s older brother had once fed a ten-word plot outline into a robot fiction machine, changed his mind as to the outcome, and found that the novel was already in print. He had had to program a sequel in order to make his correction.
Philip K. Dick, The Exit Door Leads In, 21/Jun/1979

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