Baidu ERNIE (百度文心一言)

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Alan D. Thompson
March 2023, October 2023

Language model sizes

2024 optimal LLM highlights

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    • ERNIE is a multimodal model by Baidu. ERNIE stands for ‘Enhanced Representation from kNowledge IntEgration’. The Chinese name is 文心一言, or Wenxin Yiyan. – via MIT (16/Mar/2023).
    • 2022: Baidu spent total US$3.4 billion on research and development.
    • 650 companies have signed up to use ERNIE Bot (including Sina Finance and Baixin Bank), which can be implemented in a variety of applications such as searches, AI cloud, autonomous driving and in smart devices. – via WP (16/Mar/2023)
    • ERNIE Bot was released on 16/Mar/2023. Invitations to the event were written by ERNIE Bot (via Baidu).
    • ERNIE Bot = ERNIE Titan 260B + Plato-XL 11B.
  • Five major abilities:
      • Literary creation.
      • Commercial copywriting.
      • Mathematical logic calculation.
      • Chinese comprehension.
      • Multi-modal generation.

ERNIE Timeline


ERNIE 1.0 (2019):
ERNIE 2.0 (2019):
ERNIE 3.0 Titan 260B (2021):
ERNIE-ViLG 2.0 (2022):
ERNIE Bot (2023): Parameters not disclosed, based on ERNIE Titan 260B + Plato-XL 11B.
ERNIE 3.5 (2023): Retrieval capability only. Paper TBA.
ERNIE 4.0 (2023): Dense, >1T parameters. Paper TBA.

ERNIE Bot was trained on the Baidu Kunlun II AI Chip (equivalent to NVIDIA A100) produced by Samsung.


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