Amazon Olympus (large language model)

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Organization Amazon
Model name Olympus
Internal/project name
Model type LLM
Parameter count 2T
Dataset size (tokens) Alan expects: 40T (around 80TB). See also: Gemini
Training data end date Alan expects: Oct/2023
Training start date Alan expects: Nov/2023
Training end/convergence date Alan expects: May/2024
Training time (total) See working, with sources.
Release date (public) Alan expects: Aug/2024


2nd gen: Titan: the Titans were second-generation deities who lived on Mount Othrys. The Titans were gigantic compared to the Olympians.

3rd gen: Olympus: the Olympians were third-generation gods who occupied Mount Olympus. The Olympians outnumbered the Titans which resulted in their victory. (source)

2024 optimal LLM highlights

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Models table

Summary of current models: View the full data (Google sheets)
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Olympus Updates


Amazon can see $1 billion training runs on the horizon:
…Technical talk from a longtime AWS person sheds light on frontier AI training…
James Hamilton, a distinguished engineer at Amazon, said at a talk this year that within the last year Amazon carried out a $65m training run. Specifically, they trained a 200B dense model on 4T tokens of data across 13,760 NVIDIA A100 chips (using 1,720 P4d nodes). It took 48 days to train. Hamilton described this training run as “1 gen old” so we can assume Amazon has moved on to larger runs since then. Looking ahead, Hamilton said “training runs soon to cross $1b”.  (18/Mar/2024, via Jack Clark)

1/Feb/2024: CEO Andy Jassy has said the company plans to incorporate generative AI across all of its businesses. (CNBC)


Timeline to Olympus

Date Milestone
28/Sep/2023 Titan embeddings released.
8/Nov/2023 Olympus plans leaked.
Next… Olympus…

AI Race

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Permissions: Yes, you can use these visualizations anywhere, please leave the citation intact.


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