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Google LaMDA

Google LaMDA: Language Model for Dialogue Applications. (100B+)
Released May/2020.
Trained on dialogue. See paper (Oct/2021):

LaMDA’s predecessor, Google Meena, had 2.6B parameters trained on 40B words, from 867M context/response conversations, from 341GB of text. The dataset was filtered from public domain social media conversations (Reddit or similar). Google Meena was launched in January 2020.

Between releases of Google Meena and Google LaMDA was Facebook Blender, which had 9.4B parameters trained on 88.8B words, from 1.5B context/response samples. The dataset was filtered from public domain social media conversations on Reddit. Facebook Blender was launched in April 2020.


Baidu PLATO-XL (11B+)
Released Oct/2021.
Trained on dialogue. See paper (Oct/2021):

First look at Baidu PLATO-XL

Dr Alan D. Thompson is an AI expert and consultant. With Leta (an AI powered by GPT-3), Alan co-presented a seminar called ‘The new irrelevance of intelligence’ at the World Gifted Conference in August 2021. His applied AI research and visualisations are featured across major international media, including citations in the University of Oxford’s debate on AI Ethics in December 2021. He has held positions as chairman for Mensa International, consultant to GE and Warner Bros, and memberships with the IEEE and IET. He is open to major AI projects with intergovernmental organisations and impactful companies, and is currently based in the US through 2022. Contact.

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