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According to Google, the most popular pages here in 2024 are:


1. The Memo
Monthly paid email list, includes subscribers from Google AI, Microsoft, and more.

2. Alan’s conservative countdown to AGI
Progress towards artificial general intelligence.

3. Models Table
Table of large language models.

4. Google DeepMind Gemini (report)
The groundbreaking multimodal model.

5. GPT-5
OpenAI’s next big model.

6. Chinchilla
Scaling laws in plain English.

7. The Who Moved My Cheese? AI Awards!
Recognizing the change-resistant luddites.

8. Language models (from GPT-4 to PaLM)
Visualise training datasets (from Google Patents to Wikipedia) of large AI models.

9. What’s in my AI?
Contents of GPT-3, DeepMind Chinchilla, and other models.

10. The new irrelevance of intelligence (2020 article)
Neural lace, superintelligence, and a new world.

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Visualising brightness
The IQ chart used in seminars around the world.

Fostering intelligence in the womb
The latest on music cognition, genetics and early child development…

Gifted, Talented, Genius, Prodigy
The difference between gifted, talented, genius, and prodigy…

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