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According to Google, the most popular pages here in 2022 are:


What’s in my AI?
Contents of GPT-3 and other models.

Books by GPT
Books written by GPT in 2020-2022.

How do I talk to GPT?
How to interact with the latest large language models.

Language models (from GPT-3 to Wudao 2.0)
Visualise training datasets (from Google Patents to Wikipedia) of large AI models.

The sky is on fire
Integrated AI: The sky is on fire (2021 AI retrospective)

Integrated AI: The rising tide lifting all boats (GPT-3)
Leveraging the latest AI (GPT-3) for intelligence…

The new irrelevance of intelligence
Neural lace, superintelligence, and a new world.

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Visualising brightness
The IQ chart used in seminars around the world.

Fostering intelligence in the womb
The latest on music cognition, genetics and early child development…

Gifted, Talented, Genius, Prodigy
The difference between gifted, talented, genius, and prodigy…

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