ACS: AI + prompt-crafting beyond GPT-3

Step 1

Login to the free playground. You will need a phone for SMS confirmation.
Link to playground for J1 by AI21.

The free playground is limited to 10,000 tokens per day, including prompt and response. This is the equivalent of maybe 20 questions.


GPT-J is about 3% of the size of the J1 model above (6B vs 178B parameters), but may be interesting due to their differing datasets (GPT-J has more GitHub, more StackExchange, etc)

Alternative 1: GPT-J fast (login):

Alternative 2: GPT-J slow (no login):


Step 2

Set the stop sequence as a period ‘.’ or the next speaker ‘Me:’.
Example 1: .
Example 2: Me:

Use prompt-crafting to create a prompt for the AI.

Link to prompt-crafting examples.


Step 3

Show your favourite result(s) to the class.

Link to submission form.

That’s it! Thanks for playing!