ACS: AI + prompt-crafting beyond GPT-3

Step 1

Login to the free playground. You will need a phone for SMS confirmation.
Link to playground for GPT-3 by OpenAI.

The free playground has a limit of about 300,000 free tokens. This is the equivalent of about four novels of text.

Alternatives (no login)


GPT-J is about 3% of the size of the model above (6B vs 175B parameters), but may be interesting due to their differing datasets (GPT-J has more GitHub, more StackExchange, etc)

GPT-J fast (no login):

GPT-J slow (no login):


Megatron-11B is my favourite model to play around with for simplicity, no login needed.

Megatron (no login):


Step 2

Use prompt-crafting to create a prompt for the AI.
There are many built-in to the platform (GPT-3: use the drop-down, GPT-J: click ‘examples’), or some suggestions in the sheet:

Link to prompt-crafting examples.


Step 3

Submit/show your favourite result(s) to the class.

That’s it! Thanks for playing!

Watch the presentation, with 700+ registrations:

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