“Hi Alan,

I hope you are going really well. I had some great feedback on the impact of the acceleration report last night from my client’s guardian. The plan that the school has made in response to your report was enough to make their 10-year-old cry with joy! Lots of one on one time with special teachers, extension plans, grade skip plans etc.

Thanks again for your amazing work. It was so lovely to hear the peace and joy emanating from their little family over this.”

— Academic. Adelaide, Australia.

Hi Alan,

Just a little note to say a big thanks for yesterday. I spent time today listening to the recording and doing some journaling, and I’ve got it – as in the answer of what is underlying the [issue]… I did keep thinking as we were speaking that it is really about the [issue]. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it.

Thanks, Coach Alan.


— High-performing academic. Sydney, Australia.

“It has been a really useful experience for us. Working with you has given us a good insight and helped us be more able to understand her better. You’ve helped us function better as parents as well.”

— Parent of a high-performing girl. Sydney, Australia.

“Hi Alan,
I took a middle of the week flex day yesterday… so lovely. Thanks to your coaching I feel like I can be master of my weekday and do that once in a while when needed or deserved. We had so much fun… ferris wheel, carnival games, beach walks, scooters with the girls, and great food too. Good for the soul for us all :)

Stay awesome.”

— Rachel. Adelaide, Australia.

“Hi Alan,

Thanks so much for your generosity and patience working with our son and our family. I can see that our son has grown up and matured more over that time, as he’s come to understand himself more. The focus on his strengths through difference will be really critical to his sense of self and worth. Flipping the coin on his/our thinking is something we need to continue with. As is using more positive words. As a parent, I’m very thankful for being introduced to this new content. It’s been a game changer in my approach to parenting and I haven’t even finished yet.


— Parent of one of Australia’s smartest children (based on IQ and national competition). Brisbane, Australia.

“Hi Alan,

We are back in Sydney now after a busy final weekend in Perth!

I am so grateful you met with our five-year-old daughter and that she had the opportunity she did to talk with you and do some activities. Likewise, the information below and the reports you gave me in the folder have been very insightful to read, and I can see all of it together will be invaluable over the next few years. Thank you so much.

I don’t know if you normally find this, but our daughter seemed to have an extra spring in her step after articulating to you what she wants to do. I was surprised by this but she seems even more convinced of it than she was before – and I thought she was already quite convinced of her plan!

I have ordered both of the books you suggest below (thanks) and look forward to reading them.

Also I appreciate the offer to get in touch if anything comes between now and a good time for our daughter to start a formal coaching course.

Thanks again!

Kind Regards,”

— Parent of an internationally recognised child prodigy. Sydney, Australia.

“We came to you for coaching for ourselves as parents, and as a basis for his grade skipping at school, to give him more support… We’re finding that he is thinking more deeply about what he can do. In the ‘learning styles’ assessment, he’s using that at school and realising different ways that he takes in information.
— Alex. Sydney, Australia.

Our daughter has been buzzing since her last session. She keeps telling me that she will be making the decisions from now on as she is in control of her destiny, which is unreal!
— Minh. Australia.

Just wanted to say that your input into the Canberra Times/Sydney Morning Herald article Megan did was brilliant. I have also heard some of the radio and TV interviews you have done around the show and they have also been excellent.

I think you are managing to get complex concepts about these kids out there in a way the public can understand. I also believe that these are some of the best content on these children and gifted children in general that I have seen in the media. I think you could be onto something potentially ground breaking in how they are viewed and dealt with in the education system and the media, due largely to your amazing ability to communicate the key issues surrounding them so well. Cheers!”
— Parent of an internationally recognised child prodigy. Australia.

“I wanted to let you know that since we completed the condensed program our confidence in navigating the landscape of a gifted child’s mind has increased significantly. In the time you spent with Kate and through the tools and resources you provided, we have been able to let Kate inform us as to her needs and what she desires. We have a new language to use when speaking to Kate about what she is thinking and feeling. Your program has provided foundations that we can continue to build upon, building blocks that facilitate Kate’s self awareness and that ignite a sense of identity and destiny!”
— Sarah, James, & Kate. Australia.

Alan possesses the rare gift of being able to put the cookies on the bottom shelf.”
— Rebecca Napier. Gifted PhD candidate. Flinders University, Australia.

The best article for parents that I’ve ever read in my life!
— Parent of a high-performing girl. Perth, Australia.

“Hi Alan,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with my wife and daughter today. I was really looking forward to meeting you in person, however I’m enjoying sunny [country] for a few days!

My wife has been raving about your approach and interaction with our daughter. She isn’t easily impressed, so well done!

Both my wife and I would readily commit to your program today.

Thank you again.

— Parent of a gifted girl. Australia.

“Hi Alan :)I think I must have re-written this email a thousand times trying to find the words to say “thank you”. “Thank you” always seems like such a small word, especially when you cross paths with someone who touches your life in such a meaningful way and possibly will never know how much it has meant!

For everything you have done for us… for all of your time spent speaking with me, your care, patience, generosity and inspiring energy!! “thank you”!! from the bottom of my heart..

— Parent of a twice-exceptional gifted boy. Queensland, Australia.

“Dear Alan,
Your book ‘Bright’ was full of light bulb moments! Excuse the pun! It is clear and came at exactly the right time for me personally and for our family. I love the concept of getting out of the way. This is how I have felt for a long time, but haven’t known how to do it. I understand it on an intellectual level, but I want to feel it… We want the boys to fly but most importantly be the ones who choose when to take off rather than us and to be exploring and building on their passions.
I am so excited and relieved to have found you and your work.
We are all ready and open to possibility
Kind Regards,”

— Parent of a gifted boy. Australia.

“Hi Alan.

Thanks for your great coaching experience. We have really enjoyed our time with you.

Providing us with an understanding of our son’s strengths and talents really helped me as a parent (especially the “lightbulb” moments) and gave him incredible confidence. I was surprised how effortlessly he was drawn to you and was willing to participate in every challenge and assessment. He looked forward to every session.

Your coaching has also given me the confidence to be an advocate in his education.

Thanks for recommending various people and resources to help me in supporting our son through his life journey. Thanks also for being available and committed.”

— Leanne Zappia. Parent of an 8yo boy. Australia.

“He loves working with you! He’s so talkative when he’s in coaching sessions with you. I’ve never seen him like that with anyone—not even his own mum! What’s your secret?”

— Parent of a gifted boy. Perth, Australia

“Hi Alan,

The last session was really powerful. I am so proud of where our son has taken this! He had not shared his lifewrite with us, until yesterday when he was reading it out. He is so much clearer, articulate and positive! Your coaching and his willingness to listen, along with passion and his innate communication skills and genius have taken him on this amazing path. WE see him clearly now. It’s exciting instead of exhausting.”

— Parent of a 14yo gifted boy. Sydney, Australia.

“Fun and excitement is the key area. In hearing your coaching with my daughter, I realised that she can reflect quite extensively on what she is talking about. So I think some of her depths of her feedback of her assessment is quite interesting to me. Also, she said more than she would have said normally to me. You drew her out!

— Anna. Parent of a gifted girl. Sydney, Australia.

“Thanks Alan. I saw a new option available to my girls tonight in talking to you and it is good to chat to someone who has such a depth in this area. I have told my girls about the coaching and both are interested in understanding their quirkiness better and are intrigued by what you offer.”

— Parent of a gifted girl. Perth, Australia.

“I’ve never had a conversation like that ever in my life. No-one has ever spoken to me like that before. You’ve given me a lot to think about, and a lot to get started with!”

— Peter. Perth, Australia.

“Hi Alan

Happy Friday!

I just want to touch base to thank you from the bottom of my heart for popping into my world. I tend to meet people at exactly the right time in my life and this has happened with you. I’ve been asking for help with challenges and so badly needed it and you my dear friend helped me to progress and move forward.

Keep doing what you’re doing Alan because what you’re doing, not just in sessions but by being in-tune and connected with your life, is making a difference in such a big way to those you just happen to meet and walk and talk with.

Sending you lots of love.

With much appreciation,

— Amy. Perth, Australia.

“Now I am talking this as just a normal person…. So I think, the push you gave me was what I exactly needed accordingly to what I think, you are a person who could figure out gaps. Not just figure out, you know how to bridge them. Honestly, I have not tested myself on a full scale yet. I like your critical evaluation, the push you give, the pressure, everything!”

— Charlie. India.

“Update: I’m HIRED! After only 9 sessions with you, I’ve been offered my dream job. Thanks for boosting my confidence, assuring my capabilities and providing me guidance with actions. The results have been phenomenal.”

— Victoria. Sydney, Australia.

“Alan encourages my natural tendency to think big but doesn’t allow that to be the end point. He invests himself in my visions and projects and has become a team member, rather than an observer. He consistently provides practical insight and points out blind spots. I have experienced a surprising infusion of clarity as to my life direction and without doubt am back in the game and on the path of increase after a period on the bench drinking the kool-aid! I am grateful to have Alan as part of my team.”

— Stephen. Perth, Australia.

“I recently relocated from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. The change of work and life environment has put me in a challenging position. Since starting coaching with Alan, it has helped me tremendously. I am more focussed on my goals and working together with Alan to achieve them. Alan is a very dedicated and supportive coach; the coaching journey has empowered me with positive energy and a new mindset.”

– Yin. Sydney, Australia.

Alan’s coaching approach is almost like a pediatrician, dealing with serious challenges while at the same time offering playfulness and care. Our sessions have been positive and full of laughter, more conversational than just ‘questions and answers’.”

– Sarah. Sydney, Australia.

“I know a lot of the things that are being said in this program, but I hadn’t crystallised it and weighed it up in a way that I can discuss it with clarity, with prioritisation, on a deeper level. To actually confidently say that these soft skills are so heavy that they need to be considered in that way. Because everyone gets focused on what the hard skills are, and they’re easier to measure and see.

But in my journey with our daughter—oh, it’s a little bit emotional for me!—I’ve always allowed the response of the soft skills to take a second seat, because nobody really wants to talk about it in a weighted way.

We were literally told that by the school psychologist when we were talking about our daughter’s giftedness, to say that the school is not measuring non-academic skills like needs, strengths and talents, values, learning preferences, motivation, confidence, or happiness.

And my general feeling was, “Why aren’t we? Because this is everything that our daughter is!”.

This brings a high level of peace for me now, now that I’ve had time to consider that. I’m bringing together how to speak about in a prioritised way. You’re not going to shove this point to the side, because it is critical. And just crystallising that in my mind.

I don’t feel like I’m focused on academia with our daughter, my journey is to… help her navigate and interpret the world that is happening for her, and give her that experience and perspective. It usually goes quite smoothly because she can comprehend them.

This program is really about… being more empowered.

— Parent of 7yo exceptionally gifted girl – mental age of 10 years old. Adelaide, Australia.

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*Due to the confidential nature of the work I do with my clients, sometimes only first name and city (or state or country) is used, and sometimes names have been changed to protect their privacy.