High Performers and Entrepreneurs

Being your best

“Being your best” means being your best in every area of your life. Business, personal, relationships, physical, these are all interlinked. You deserve a life that is as big as you can be. If high achievers and entrepreneurs don’t have this “bigness”, they can feel overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out. There’s an alternative.

You’ve learned about management, finance, KPIs, metrics, and technology. All of these are centuries ahead of the self, the human side, which has historically been left behind. Once you personally level up, you are in a better position to be more effective in your business, increase revenues, and create miracles.

Coaching for high performers and entrepreneurs

It is very easy to go about our lives without an accurate self-assessment. Even for those who pride themselves on introspection and personal development, sometimes that same introspection can be causing the ongoing issue. It takes a calibrated eye to be able to see things that may not be apparent to us. Coaching provides this medium. Through listening and understanding, powerful questioning and “getting to the core of the issue”, a coach can uncover and help a person discover new insights that were previously overlooked.

“The coaching model [is] what you think of with athletes and singers, who have someone who coaches them all the way through their career, even if they’re one of the best in the world. But violinists and surgeons — at least in our theory of how we’re supposed to do it — we don’t. You go to medical school, you go to Juilliard, and you graduate. You get a degree, you get in your 10,000 hours of practice, and then some cream [is] supposed to rise to the top. But I was really struck by how different these models are and tried to understand it … I had a fascinating discussion with Itzhak Perlman, the great violinist, and I said, ‘Why don’t violinists have coaches, but singers do?’ And he said, ‘I don’t know, but I think it’s a mistake.’”

– Atul Gawande

Born out of the performing arts and sports disciplines, the evolution of coaching into the personal arena is a huge breakthrough with massive results. Most major leaders today participate in formalised coaching. Founders and CEOs of the world’s largest corporations like Google and General Electric, major celebrities, royalty, presidents all have the ear of a great coach. Play bigger than you currently play, and design a satisfying life. Transform.

Showing up

My coaching requires openness and commitment.

Most people are afraid of committing to being their best.

Most people just want to please others, or earn more money, or re-live their past. 

If that sounds like you, you are in the wrong place (try the hospitality industry, a financial advisor, or a therapist).

Our work together will be intense – powerful, one-on-one coaching which uncovers your hidden blocks and allows your own wisdom and insights to be revealed.

If you work with me, you are already successful.

As we work together, you will be your best.

In every aspect. More meaningful accomplishment. More play. Better relationships. More positive emotion. A greater sense of well-being. Sustainable results.

You must be ready

I specialise in helping any person who wants to accomplish something big, and is ready to change.

I’ve worked with individuals in every walk of life: from entrepreneurs in Asia to retirees in America. Individuals in every profession: from engineers to CEOs. From international marketing gurus to event managers. And individuals in every age group: from 5-year-old prodigies to… a whole lot older!

I work with a select number of high performers. Coaching programs are run over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. If you are ready for us to create one of these coaching programs together, please contact me to get started.

Personalised coaching programs start at $10,000 and clients pay up to $120,000.

Of course, money is only one of the things I ask of my clients. I also ask for your full presence, integrity, and personal commitment to getting where you need to go.

My clients create powerful results, with sustainable results and lasting impacts.

Ready for a deep conversation? Tell me your story.