Manifest your magnificence

Manifest your magnificence for children – 64 affirmation cards

For purchase in Australia, please contact:
Dr Rebecca D. Napier at Gifted Pathways.


Quantity: 1 pack (contains 64 cards).
Measurements: 10.7cm x 10.7cm laminated cards with die-cut corners.
Age: 5yo+ (great for adults, too!).

Each individually boxed card set includes:

  • High-quality four-colour printing on cards and box.
  • Gloss lamination on box and individual cards for durability.
  • Shrinkwrapping on outside of box for protection.
  • Suggestions for use with children.

These cards are designed by Canadian coach Rev. Susan Howson, MA, PCC, CPCC, CHBC.

I AM… the two most powerful words in the world, for whatever we put after them becomes our reality.
– Susan Howson

Manifest your magnificence is an award-winning set of 64 affirmation cards designed specifically to nurture a child’s sense of self. Beautifully illustrated and written, each affirmation card carries a powerful message that when read over and over again, connects each child to their true being. This encourages them to manifest their magnificence in the world – this is the ultimate goal. The series encourages children to believe in themselves and in their dreams while also promoting values such as honesty, compassion, and respect. Makes a great gift for adults too!

These unique cards can be used in many ways to remind children that they are Magnificent Creations. Once the child picks a card, you can reinforce the power of the affirmation by having the child express how it relates to them by writing, talking, drawing, singing, acting, dancing, or carrying a card with them as a reminder of who they truly are.