Have you ever wanted a complete user manual for who you are right now? What about an early user manual to give to your child?

Me too! In fact, I searched around the world for the most comprehensive, results-oriented profiling tool.

I wanted the very best, most well-rounded system, with a focus on proven science. I didn’t want any airy-fairy profiles (!), nor a strict by-the-numbers, black-and-white system.

And I found it!

The profile I use with some of my clients (and nearly all of my gifted families) is made up of 10 components, some of them with 40+ years of research with millions of people.

The combination of assessments and interviews is the most comprehensive evaluation system I’ve found for identifying and nurturing human brilliance. The result is a focused blueprint of who you really are and how others see you. It serves as a strong foundation for living your best life.

Here’s what you need to know about the Blueprint I offer – usually over 12 sessions (3 or 6 months) of coaching:

Talents & Strengths

(using Gallup’s StrengthsExplorer 2.0 for 10-14yo or Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 for 14+yo)

What key strengths do you have?
You bring unique strengths to the world. An Indian teacher who renamed himself several times (his final name was Osho) said: “Not a single person is born in the world who has not a certain capacity which will make him proud, who is not pregnant with something to produce, to give birth to something new and beautiful, to make the existence richer. There is not a single person who has come into the world empty.”

This one leverages over thirty years of research with 10 Million people around the world, as completed by the Gallup Institute in 2001. The results inspired thousands of people around the world to stop fixing their weaknesses and to make smarter life decisions based on what they’re good at: their strengths!

Behavioural Style

(using psychologist William Marston’s DISC)

How do you communicate authentically?
You have built-in preferences for how to “show up” in life. Sometimes, we choose to “play down” or otherwise adapt our behaviour to fit in with others. We look at your natural diverse behaviours and attitudes that make up the way you interact with the world. And then we look at what gets in the way!

This one leverages forty years of in-depth evaluations through 50 Million corporate individuals around the world – and we apply it to families!


(using Harvard Psychologist Howard Gardner’s 8 core intelligences, as well as Genius Coaching’s 4 extra intelligences…)

What is your unique intelligence?
Although gifted children don’t need to specialise, they nearly always have a leading intelligence. And although we each have all of these intelligences, no two individuals have them in the same exact configuration – think of them as fingerprints for life! From the staple of musical intelligence through to new areas like business intelligence, it’s important for you to understand where your brain flourishes naturally.

This one relies on Harvard Psychologist Howard Gardner’s 2006 work “Multiple Intelligences”, identifying 8 core intelligences. Added to this, Genius Coaching’s Otto Siegel looks at 4 more qualities available, for a total of 12 qualities of human intelligence.

Learning Style

(using general research and Genius Coaching’s 3 extra learning styles)

How do you learn?
The idea of individualised learning styles originated in the 1970s, and has influenced education around the world. It looks at how you take in and process new information effectively, allowing you to identify your innate curiosity, and natural state of “flow”.

This one gives a modern interpretation of the learning styles, with more than 40 years of research supplemented by three additional modalities.


(using Genius Coaching’s research)

What are you passionate about?
Discover your true passion for creating your life! Your values and desires are the foundation for your purpose and direction in life. Be surprised how much more effective you can be and how much more joy you experience just by becoming aligned with your core values.


(using Genius Coaching’s research)

What are the uncompromisable must-haves to help you thrive?
As you discover yourself, you’ll find that certain people, situations, activities, and ideas resonate with you strongly. As you find out which energies are compatible with you and which aren’t, start saying “yes” to the ones that support you. Learn how to provide these needs to yourself in every area of your life. 

Growth Environment

(using Genius Coaching’s research)

What atmosphere do you need to be in to flourish?
My clients require challenges to be their best. We identify specific environmental requirements necessary to allow you to unfold. 

Life Experiences

(using Genius Coaching’s research)

Where have you come from?
An inspection of your foundation; with a strong focus on where you’ve been, what your experience has been like, and what has defined who you are today.

Extraordinary Accomplishments

(using Genius Coaching’s research)

What are your most meaningful accomplishments so far?
You’ve done a lot of amazing things! Review your extraordinary accomplishments and learn from your own past in a new way. Own your own accomplishments: you are responsible for them. We look at every accomplishment that had an impact on your own life. Grades, concrete goals, and even fuzzy achievements that are important to you!


(using Genius Coaching’s research)

What are your core capabilities?
Finally, we look at the fundamental capabilities unique to you…

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