Night vision in colour



ERNIE 3.0: 60,000 devs… The event had drew over 2000 contestants, collected over 300 creative applications of Wenxin, spanning across industries such as eduction, healthcare, entertainment, technology, and mental health. In the final round, three projects were selected as winners: “Shuowen”, which helps users interpret traditional Chinese readings, “Tuyan”, creating various styles of literature based on pictures, and “AI essay title generator”, a project by Bilibili content creator Zihao, generating essay titles based on 250-words summaries.




Google live translation glasses


New study finds that AI-based hedge funds generate higher average returns than hedge funds that rely on human input. from Futurology

Hedge funds driven by AI outperform hedge funds that rely mostly on human input

https://huggingface.co/emilyalsentzer/Bio_ClinicalBERT (2019)


Music – Symphony (May/2022)

[R] Symphony Generation with Permutation Invariant Language Model from MachineLearning